Monday, 8 November 2010

Long time, no see

Hullo O Vast Blogosphere,

It has been but a long time since we've spoken. O how I have missed your camaradery.

What new? Well, I'm single; I'm studying Religious Studies rather than Philosophy now; I'm now attuned in SKHM healing; I live in a house that's not falling apart; one the whole, though, I'm rather darned happy.

So... that's the update. Now onto Pagan stuff. Yay!

Pagan Society's Saṁain rite was performed by Pagan Soc's and the Students' Union's ex-President Ben Allen, and my old housemate Laura Ross. Within the rite was a short meditation, the details of which I forget, but involved meeting a being at the base of a tree. The being I experienced had the feel of a person around their mid-30s to mid-40s in human terms, was made of black smoke, and had an angel-like wingspan of raven wings. He also had a single eye (not that he had any physical features, but I got the impression of being looked at with a single, present eye).
I came to the conclusion that that being was Óðinn.

I can't remember exactly if there was a message given per se, but what I feel was that it was a gesture of being present, that is, showing themselves to me.

Hours before I had invoke Óðinn as psychopomp to make the worldly transitions of the departing and returning souls easier.
This would be the first time that I had fully and formally invoked Him in a solitary sense.

The form presented, however, I find hard the interpret. I wonder what you think?