Friday, 27 February 2009

Conferences and conventions and camps... oh my!

I'm gonna give you a list of the places I wish to go to this years, and some I'm already going to:

  1. Peace Mala @ Gurkha Heaven - 21/03

  2. Pagan Federation Mid-West & Wales Spring Conference - 3-4/04

  3. A dream workshop - 15/04

  4. Avalon Witchcamp - 23-28/05

  5. Anderida Grove of the Seven Hills Summer Conference - 10-12/07

  6. Sunrise Witchcamp - 20-24/08

  7. Pagan Federation Mid-West & Wales Summer Camp - 11-13/09

Now, if I want to each of them, it would cost a total of £511, not including travel and the Dream Workshop, as the only details I have of it is the date and location. So which to choose? I probably won't go to any opf the Witchcamps, so those are probably for another year. I'm already going to the Peace Mala meal and to the Anderida Conference, and most probably to the Spring Conference and the Summer Camp (though, may not go to the Camp... not sure...). And I'll need more details for the Dream workshop.

Who knew being Pagan and supporting charities would cost that much...

University and Love.

Pah! I've managed to miss another moot. I can't believe how negelctful I've been of the moots since coming to Lampeter. However, this time was kinda unavoidable as it was a major Student Forum (thought I think I could've actually not have gone).

There were elections on who should go to the NUS Wales Spring Conference. There were the voting on motions such as not opposing the merger but some of the terms; keeping our Ents Sabbatical; keeping our Welfare Sabbatical; keeping our independent societies; keeping our sports teams; keeping an independent RAG officer; keeping our Liberations officers; putting the ISO back on the Union Exec. and (finally) putting the 'T' back in 'LGB'.

Now while Transgendered people shouldn't be simply lumped with the LGBs, and while LGB is a sexuality issue and Transgendered people are a gender issues, more help can be provided for the latter as most organisations are LGBT(Q), as is NUS Wales. Plus this, thus far, only concerns one public Transgender who is leaving this year.

However, having Forum usually on the last Thursday of the month (and on Thursdays at all) poses quite a few problems for a lot of people such as Cwmanne nights and other events. So I may suggest Forum be moved to Wednesday etc.

And I've started talking to Kayleigh again. She the best friend from back in 2006, but we've had am, er, off friendship. Well. To quote a song "We're not quite just friends; we're just not quite lovers".

This culminated in a small talk/agument at Christmas. I fell in love with her a few years back and we kept 'getting together' but she would always back out because she couldn't handle it, or she had an emotional issue. Though, at Christmas, we decided to lose contact altogether because of this until, she figured, we were mature enough to just be friends. Though, partway through, I realised that the 'problems' as such weren't with me be more with her so contacted her a month and a half later essentially putting the ball in her court if ever she wanted to get back in contact, gave her all my details etc. And since then... we haven't stopped speaking. What does that say?

And she now wants to meet up when I go home next weekend. Bit soon don't you think?
I sorta know what this means, from hints and comments from others. Nothing bad; potentially amazing - but we'll see.

It's so cliché, falling for one's closest friend. It's almost storgic.

Ho hum. I never put emotional stuff here. Anyway...