Thursday, 21 August 2008

8 Things

8 Reasons To Love Wales:

  1. A rich a diverse history, from the druids to the kingdoms that once were part of these islands.
  2. The establishment of the modern Eisteddfod!
  3. The Mabinogion - a series of wonderful and beautiful tales to enchant any mind.
  4. Dylan Thomas!
  5. Carmarthen - a town steeped in such history (the historical roman town of Moridunum) and mythology (Merlin is linked deeply with Carmarthen) that it's rather hard not to fall in love with this wonderful town.
  6. Susan's cooking! Every time she writes about her cordials and cooking I can just about taste it :)
  7. Pobi Caws. There's cheese-on-toast, and then there's Pobi Caws (or welsh rarebit). Who could think that cheese-on-toast could be made into such a divine national dish!
  8. Rain. Yes, I've said it. I love the rain...

1 comment:

Moonroot said...

Well said - and I'm glad to have made the list!!!

How about also: stunning countryside, red kites and ravens, a rich culture, the Welsh language, Derek Brockway (I find him hilarious), The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, bara brith... hmm, how did you choose only 8 things?