Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hi everyone! And meme :)

Hey everyone. I seem to have internet again, at long last! So I'll start again with a nice meme:

The Forgiveness Meme (from

We've all done things we regret that resulted in hurting others, either directly or indirectly. Or we hurt ourselves. The Forgiveness Meme lets you state publicly (or privately) what you did, how you fell about it and provides a way for those who know you to offer acceptance and forgiveness for the action. Once you have been forgiven, either directly or by proxy, let the guilt go and be free of it. Then your friends and random strangers can decide whether you are sincere and whether they will forgive you or not, and possibly provide feedback and support. Just answer these three questions:


1) What I did:
In January, I was going out with Cerith but ended up cheating on him with my best friend Kayleigh. At the time I was having doubts about the relationship, about a week after things happened with her, I ended it with him saying I had too much stress going on at the time and couldn't cope with a relationship, which was half-true as it was then that I found out Dad'd been cheating on my Mother (ironic...) and the stress was ridiculous at home.
Things with me and Kay lasted a further week.

2) How I feel about it:
At the time, I was pretty indifferent. I didn't end it with him so much as to attempt to be with her, but more out of guilt and necessity. Now? I feel like I betrayed him. He really was a nice guy and apart from, ah, certain issues, he'd been nothing but awesome to me. And yeah, I betrayed him and did something I said I'd never do.

3) Do I want to be forgiven?:
I don't want to tell him. And I want him to hate me for it. So no.

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