Friday, 27 February 2009

Conferences and conventions and camps... oh my!

I'm gonna give you a list of the places I wish to go to this years, and some I'm already going to:

  1. Peace Mala @ Gurkha Heaven - 21/03

  2. Pagan Federation Mid-West & Wales Spring Conference - 3-4/04

  3. A dream workshop - 15/04

  4. Avalon Witchcamp - 23-28/05

  5. Anderida Grove of the Seven Hills Summer Conference - 10-12/07

  6. Sunrise Witchcamp - 20-24/08

  7. Pagan Federation Mid-West & Wales Summer Camp - 11-13/09

Now, if I want to each of them, it would cost a total of £511, not including travel and the Dream Workshop, as the only details I have of it is the date and location. So which to choose? I probably won't go to any opf the Witchcamps, so those are probably for another year. I'm already going to the Peace Mala meal and to the Anderida Conference, and most probably to the Spring Conference and the Summer Camp (though, may not go to the Camp... not sure...). And I'll need more details for the Dream workshop.

Who knew being Pagan and supporting charities would cost that much...


Moonroot said...

What are student loans for anyway? :-)

Paul Rousselle said...

Ah, but when you have none of it left...