Saturday, 26 July 2008

Only Human

I was listening to this song by Dave the Bard, and it made me think quite a bit.

Only Human
Isn’t it crazy, isn’t it cruel,
That a man can earn millions from kicking a ball,
While for other countries, we role a dice,
For a little clean water and a bowl of rice,
Politicians and empty promises help lessen our pain,
It’s only human

Isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it right,
There’s nothing as worthless as an animals life,
But it helps me feel better, when I feel ill,
I can’t taste the pain in this little pill,
A thousand lives given to live just a few more years,
It’s only human.

Cut down a forest for grass that won’t grow,
To help melt the ice caps, to help melt the snow,
We’ll watch the seas rise with nowhere to go,
It’s only human.

Isn’t is holy, isn’t it good,
That people kill people in the name of their God,
A bomb for a Father, a bullet for a Son,
And a smile for the child that carried the gun,
Only one God can be right when all's said and done,
It’s only human.
Damh the Bard

This song encapsulates the sickening qualities that show what makes us human. No other animal would be so cruel as to deny an infant chimpanzee love, affection, warmth to observe the affects of deprivation.

No other animal would wipe out entire species over a single warped idea.

No other animal would level a forest to rear poorly treated animals for cheap meat.

No other animal would kill for his own sky-faerie, who told him that he was that he was The One And Only Right Way™.

We've developed into an insensitively sickening race and it makes one realise why the Earth Mother is trying to purge us and begin again. If the price of sapience is the loss of natural affinity, of our integral goodness then I doubt very much that it is quite worth paying that much.

We need to regain compassionate respect and regard for one another, not just as humans, but along with every single sentient being - plants included.

I'm quite ashamed to be Homo Sapien.

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Treegod said...

It's terrible to be defined like that. In some ways its true, we are a cruel and stupid species at times.
I don't believe, though, that that means we are a doomed species. I think there is the potential in us to really turn ourselves around.
But to express that potential out into the world is going to take some Alchemy!
Potential is a raw material after all and requires work to extract it.

(BTW, nice blog, I'm catching up on what you've written)