Monday, 1 June 2009

Change! Now!

Damnit, it would be good to be able to work with a group and perform/channel/direct magic for useful and world changing purposes.

How many Pagans are against deforestation?
How many are against whaling?
How many are against tyrants in Africa?

And where are the groups working serious magic in order to bring positive and meaningful change.

Far too many times have I heard lines such as "I'm gonna do a small ritual for a good exam result", "I need more money - better get the corn dollies out" - but when it comes to real, serious stuff, it's almost as though people are scared of their repective karmas; scared of actually being able to change things.

Individual people can do things - but how much better, how much more powerful would it be to have groups doing this?

Spells for peace?
Rites for democracy?
Circles for fair government?

All alongside ordinary mundane action, of course.


Moonroot said...

I agree - if we all truly believe the Earth is our Mother, why aren't we doing more magically and mundanely to help Her?

There are some who do though. Try Reclaiming ( and the Dragon Network ( for starters.


Leaf said...

I agree!!

I have always wanted to do political magic, but I've thought it probably ineffective on my own. I would love to have a group with which to perform this sort of magic...not just for our own souls, but for Her soul and all Her people too.


Louisa Herbs said...

Yeh, too right. I'll join you.
Re people not wanting to do this kind of stuff, I think you are right. Somehow folks have come to think "good" magic or small works are free from the laws of universal causality (karma). I disagree. I think all power and therefore all magic has consequences, regardless of it's size or how we think it stands morally, and unless we are prepared to take them we shouldn't be doing the work.
When do we start ;)

Paul Rousselle said...

Actually, Louisa, I must say you were one of those who inspired this post...
Wondering if the Carms folk would be willing to get together for anything like this.