Thursday, 28 May 2009

A rite what I wrote...

So... the general idea a few weeks ago was to have a rite on or around the June full-moon as a final group ritual for the year with the purpose of being one focused on protecting the Site over the summer' showing out gratitude to the Spirits of Place and blanketing/grounding its energies while we're away.

And after a couple of weeks... still no-one really did anything so... I wrote a rite! Tell me what you think! It's definitely not perfect, and it was typed out in about half hour/three quarters of an hour.

Roles: Firekeeper; Warden; Herald; Circle Guardian; Elements.

For the altar: Pot of sea salt; cup of mead; cup of apple juice; plate of food to share; bowl of water; cauldron of incense; incense; horn.


(Those not involved in the above are gathered at the bottom of the north bank involved with the final banter before the start of the rite, or in personal meditation.)

(Circle Guardian and/or Firekeeper prepares wood for, and lights, fire and tends to it whilst the Circle area is properly prepared by those involved in the creation of Sacred Time/Sacred Space. Warden consecrates sea salt and casts circle.)

-Starting the Rite-

(Facilitator or Warden blasts a sound of the horn)

(Warden comes from the Circle to the bank and guides the celebrants in a short procession, then taking the position at the entrance shall individually challenge each participant)

Warden: [Name], do you release all ill will?
Participant: I release all ill will.
Warden: Then welcome to this Circle!

(Participants enter after the challenge and take one’s place. Warden seals circle with appropriate sigil.)

-Sacred Space-

Warden: We are in Sacred Time and Sacred Space.

Herald: We have come from the North and the South, the East and the West to this Special Place. Long has this Circle stood, and long may it remain – as such is the purpose of our gathering for we have come to celebrate it existence and bid it farewell as we leave for these summer and autumn months. May the Rite begin!

Let us call forth to the Quarters!

East: Come to us from the East, O Air; bring to us inspired Words upon your swift golden wings!

All: Hail and be welcome!

South: Come to us from the South, O Fire; bring to us fiery Will through the passion of your vigor!

All: Hail and be welcome!

West: Come to us from the West, O Water; bring to us flowing Intuition riding with your surging tide!

All: Hail and be welcome!

North: Come to us from the North, O Earth; bring us stable Foundation embedded within your hardened stone!

All: Hail and be welcome!

Herald: Let us call upon the Spirits who call this place home.

Firekeeper: By Land, Sea and Sky, we call upon the Spirits of this Place. You have resided here longer than we can imagine and you have allowed us to use this Special Place for our rites and magic. We have gathered in your tribute, to praise these woods, to honour this site and to protect it from those who damage and desecrate it. We come to bid you our farewells as we travel in these summer and autumn months.

Come, Fair Folk, and rest at the fire’s side and join us at the edge of magic. Accept this mead as libation!

(Firekeeper cast mead into the centre of the fire)

-Main Rite-

Herald: Let us rest in Sacred Space and share our gratitude, appreciation and love for this site.

(All relax and begin pseudo bardic circle as suggested above and community sharing)


(Warden goes in front of altar facing north and takes the pot of salt and goes around to each participant. Each takes a portion of the salt – enough is left for Warden to have three odd portions)

Herald: In your hands, feel the salt that you hold – appreciate it for what it is. This is consecrated Earth taken from the Sea and dried by the Air. If there is any substance which can consecrate, protect and ground, is it not this salt?

Take it and cast it to the ground around you – know that through this act, you are consecrating this Circle and protecting it, but also that you are grounding the energies during our absence.

(All cast the salt about the land around them while the Warden takes the remainder and walks around the Circle pouring the salt while the Herald says the following)

Herald: May the Circle be Blessed and Concecrated! May the Circle be Protected and Cared For! May its energies be grounded!

Now let us make an end of this Rite and take leave of this place.

-Unwinding Sacred Space-

Herald: Let us thanks the Spirits of Place for their help in this rite.

Firekeeper: We thank you for your attendance, O Spirits of Place. You are shall be fondly remembered in our hearts as we depart forth to our homesteads. Stay in this land and we supplicate you help us keep this Special Place protected!

Leave our rite, and leave with the love of our hearts and with the peace of our spirits. We thank you, O Spirits of Place.

Herald: Let us release the Quarters!

North: Return to the North, O Earth; we thank you for your Foundation in this rite.

All: Hail and farewell!

West: Return to the West, O Water; we thank you for your Intuition in this rite.

All: Hail and farewell!

South: Return to the South, O Fire; we thank you for your Will in this rite.

All: Hail and farewell!

East: Return to the East, O Air; we thank you for your Words in this rite

All: Hail and farewell!

-Ending the Rite-

Herald: May the energies be left dormant; may this site be protected; may the Spirits feel the conviction and gratitude of our gathering.

Let us take leave of this place and remember our times here fondly. May we return again in the autumn season. Hail and farewell, all!

(Warden removes the seal)

Warden: Follow me, into the world of the Mundane.

(Warden leads the participants in a silent procession out to the north bank and homebound then returning to unwind the circle; all remaining aid with the clearing of the Circle – then onwards to pub!)

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