Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Awards to Blog Buddies!

Many, many thanks to Susan Moonroot for nominating me for the "I Love Your Blog" award! I must do likewise now.

The Rules for those receiving an award are:

  • The winner can put the logo on their blog
  • Link the person you received the award from
  • Nominate at least 7 other blogs
  • Put links of those blogs on yours
  • Leave a message on the blogs nominated

I'd like to show some love to:

  • Moonroot - Her blog shows her strength through troubled times and her dedication to a way of life "[living] lightly on the earth". No matter the times, her posts are always positives and thoughtful. I'm proud and honoured to call her a friend.
  • Lothlorien-Nemeton Seedgroup - Is an OBOD seedgroup facilitated by Adam and Mika who are two Kindred Souls charting their progress working at the Earth Sanctuary combining ecology, psychosynthesis and other aspects to created a beautiful and earth-loving school.
  • Engineering Judgement - Tom is an engineering student, combining his extensive knowledge and creativity, and decidedly Finnish-like insanity to make a reality to his creations. His blog charts his thoughts and often humourous ramblings. Plus he looks like the guy on the right ;-D
  • The Spiritual Journey of a Somerset Pagan - I've recently discovered Andy's blog through Moonroot, and find his updates funny and genuine. Give it a read!

And this is where I must draw the line... as a relative newcomer to Blogspot, I don't really know many other blogs (Mika and Adam have some others, however :) ) on blogspot bar some by some Artists I quite like, such as Frank Turner.

However, I wanted to show my love to you lot! Pass it on and share the appreciation!


Tom Long said...

Thanks for the NOMination :)
I may not have time to do this right away - my Mac is all packed up and I'm stealing time on other people's computers. Plus it's Fresher's Week next and I don't see me having much blogging time then.
But I will! Eventually!

Andy said...

Paul, you're so very sweet, thank you so much! I am very grateful.

Treegod said...

Hey cool, thanks for the mention. By the way, the address has changed; The Lothlorien Nemeton blog now resides here: http://www.lothloriennemeton.wordpress.com