Monday, 18 May 2009

And now for a short break.

It's gonna be a busy week. I've got two exams (Ethics and An Introduction To The Self And Metaphysics) and straight after the last one on Wednesday, I'm going straight on the bus home to primarily see Kay, and stay there until the 27th-28th.

Time to relax, time to really push Lampeter at the back of my mind. I adore the place, but I need an escape too; but most importantly, some time to make up for almost neglectful amount of time I've spent with Kay. So yeah.

Once I get back, there's be Council, Forum and (hopefully!) sorting out the house issue - I may be sharing a house (above the funeral directors) with Cate, Willow and Rachel. Good size rooms, reasonable pricings. nothing's definite there, but we'll see.

Roll on Wednesday!

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