Thursday, 14 May 2009

Site and Circle

Lampeter is a strange place.
It attracts a unique and bizzare group of people; most or all have emotional (and mental...) issues to sort and as such, this place can make or break you and if you can hack it, it can really be a healing place for you. Such is the group of people here, that at one time, the biggest and most successful of the University's societies was the Pagan Society - how in Eartha's name does that happen?!
This year though, the group's pretty small, but nevermind.

In the mid-to-late 90s, the University gave them permission to use some of the land that the university would use for the dumping and burning of rubbish. They (and it seems one of those people was an old initiate of Carole's) built a ritual Circle. Circle is within the Site, as its called, which is the immediate land surrounding it - it's withing a dip in the land. It seems to have changed over the years - from more of an egg-shape to a circle; different entrances; the building of an altar a few years ago etc. And I want to share this place with you:
You can see the North entrance there with the firepit and altar. If you look to the left of the entrance, there is a holly tree - this would be used as our 'Clootie Tree'

The 'Clootie Tree'.

Two entrance perspectives. In relation to the bottom picture, there is a means of access on the left in makeshift, studen-built steps.

The Site in spring. The Circle is behind.

During Imbolc.

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I take it our mutual friend, Will was present?

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