Monday, 18 May 2009

Out with the old...

I've had a strangely cathartic experience, which most of your oldies may find a little trivial.
I was going through my Windows Live Messenger contacts list and, as it was far too cluttered and long, I decided to delete old contacts who I hadn't spoken to in years or months, or redundant e-mail addresses.

And it came to a folder with three e-mails. Each other them were of the Pretty family; that of my ex, Connie. And as I don't talk to them, I deleted them.

Thought I'd share that here.
It was a strange feeling. Pressing the 'delete' button can be just as satisfying and as emotionally uplifting as riping up an old letter or photo.
Which I did also. I don't quite know why - I wasn't screwed over (in any proper sense) so. I just guess it's my way of dealing with it - even if it was almost two years ago. It still left its mark, however; I yet have to over come certain weights and scars it left.

Though, in a strange way, it was a bizarre means of 'letting go', if the term can be used. I horde, I keep, I never forget; and here was one way of doing so.
So, good-bye.

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