Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Curse complete with damp and mildew.

The UWLampeter Pagan Soc 'Library' has been found, located, sorted and filed! I should be a Virgoan.

It was at 2 Station Terrace within a nuclear bunker built to 1970s government regulations (that would be, two doors leaned at a 45 degree angle against a wall...). As such it was kept in the damp and the books and papers are covered in mildew. So it seems I'm in possesion of the curse, as it's affectionately (or fearfully!) called. It seems most of the books were sold off at some point (though that's been denied, I found a scrunched up piece of paper with the prices of the books to be sold... ho hum!) so there's a few notable ones. Not *bad* books per se, left; but not the ones you'd expect. The papers themselves are interesting showing things like the budget they had (four times what we have now) and troubles they had etc., also they have some newsletters of old, like the one Carole used to edit called 'Gates of Annwn' and there's also 'Drops of the Awen' which is the seriously old version of 'Myddle Earth' along with a 'Wiccan' (now 'Pagan Dawn') and 'Wood and Water' and so on. So yeah. Some pretty neat things.

I'm hoping to add to the box of books, and maybe to revive the society newsletter (which I've found old copies of). The old society newsletter provide some cool insight into how things were run and how popular it actually was (more than 6 people used to turn up to rituals! Shock!) and what the positions entailed - Site Guardian was a far more important position than I used to realise. Talking of which, I'll need to contact the Estates Officer to find out the university stance and the status of the Circle and the Site. It seems it's under review every 5 years...

Ho hum. Boing post, but there you go.


Moonroot said...

No, interesting post! Do let us know how you get on. What kinds of books were you hoping for that are no longer there? Perhaps you could put an ad in Pagan Dawn or somewhere asking for book donations to your library?

The mention of the old mags took me back... those were the days! **cackles decrepitly**

Haloquin said...

Found you via Susan's blog.

Yes, about 2 years ago several of the books were sold off. The library was a heavy box (or two, I can't quite recall) of books and it got stuck in places over the summer, was a pain to lug about, and so on... hence the name 'the curse'. It also got very little actual use. If you're interested in reviving it I'd highly recommend bugging the SU and asking for space in the Clubs and Societies cupboard to store it in. The cupboard in Catherine Stott. You'll have a job getting keys to it though, but its possible.

Again, about 2 years ago we checked on the status of the site. Basically, they're vaguely uninterested as long as they don't want to use it for dumping, and they're filling the dip starting at the Carl-Loftmark end, so you've a while yet. You're welcome to go talk to them though! If you work hard you might manage to convince them to let you use a bit of land somewhere else which can be kept permanently, but we spent a lot of time on this and didn't get very far. They did promise us some trees though... especially after the site got hacked up just before you arrived!!!

BTW - those stairs are a health hazard, and one of the reasons I don't come to rituals (they scare me rigid) they also exclude disabled people. We were trying to convince the uni to help us build safe ones, this might be a project you'd be interested in, as you're here for a few years :)


If you want to pick my brains for more info about what I can remember of previous projects etc, feel free!

~Halo xx

Paul Rousselle said...

I was thinking of asking the Library to keep them, but since they'd want to catalogue them etc., I thought it'd be better not too.
Asking the SU might be a plan.

Talking of the steps, I asked Auz and Tom about it, and they said the Uni wouldn't do anything. Though, if people bug them... was considering may a ramp down the other end, but as the uni uses that area, probably not a good idea.

Trees would also be a good idea. Some peeps said they were uncomfortable with the people down the south end staring. As I'm with OBOD, they can help fund trees for 'groves' and Henryk said ECO soc may help...

Ho hum. Lot of stuff to do, innit ;-)