Monday, 18 May 2009

... in with the Goddesses.

Whilst never having having had a personal link with any deity, I mused about how it would be to be totally consumed by a deity - something along the lines of William James's Passivity: "... the mystic feels as his own will were in abeyance, and indeed sometimes as if he were grasped and held by a superior power." (James, William, The Varieties of Religious Experience, p. 381).

Ah, I love control! I so adore being at the back seat yet pulling the reigns - but to give oneself up to a Goddess!

Erin mentioned once that the energies of Lilith were fully and wholly consuming, in utter submission.

So here's a few lines I wrote, haphazardly, to Ol' Lily... see if she answers!

Surround me wholly in the whirlwind of your starless night.
Consume me completely in the ego-destroying forces of midnight -
Owl-woman; desert tempest; shadow mistress."


Moonroot said...

They do say be careful what you wish for!

I'm going to sound like a real old worrywart, but please do be careful. These entities are real. They are not to be messed with. They can do lasting damage if you aren't careful. If you want to work with what we call aspecting (ie partial possession by a deity or other Mysterious One) I have a lot of useful notes on the subject and a small amount of personal experience I'd be happy to share. But it's not something to be done lightly, not even a good place to start in having a relationship with deity.

And you may not want to start with Lilith...

Paul Rousselle said...

I think it was more a passing thought than anything. After the previous post, I got thinking about relationships, and I felt a total lack with deities.
I felt, that surely being thrown in the deep end would be well. Don't worry though, Susan. It was certainly more os a late-night passing though.

Needless to say, I didn't get any bizare dreams :)

Moonroot said...

Glad to hear all is well. Another good discussion for next time in the Drovers?

Paul Rousselle said...

Probably a good idea.
I hope things are OK your end, Susan. Thinking of you and the pair...

Haloquin said...

Heh. I had the same reaction as Susan... of course, not everyone would agree that they are real... but that doesn't mean they can't roll you over.

And asking to be ego-smashed? You didn't mean it, did you?

Out of interest... do you feel the need for a relationship with a deity? If so, why? And which one actually pokes you in the back of your head with a stick with most fondness? If not, don't bother... I'm sure if one wants you they'll come knocking soon enough, and they can be damn patient too... :)


Paul Rousselle said...

The rationale for a Goddess is mainly because I feel it would and is easier to be in a personal relationship with Goddesses whilst Gods take more of a back seat role (though not always).

And why? Simply because it's one level in magical workings I wish to achieve. I wish to be a priest - and in a way, I want to communicate with Deities (or even archetypes). One way (which I'll admit is purely out of curiosity and sheer thrill) is to be in total submission to the power of that deity, and passivly allow what happens to happens. Posseion/aspecting/invoking I don't know what the term is, but it certainly isn't channeling. I guess I'm thinking of a far more internal process where ones identity is not so well defined, maybe a sort of I-Thou proccess? Not a permanent one, of course.

Ho hum.

There were more thoughts than anything serious.

Which deity? Odin is one. A very personal choice there.

Lilith was an example, from some stuff I was told. He encompasses the above and more, if I heard right - "He energies are all encompassing".
Heigh ho! :)